You see all these cool photos of London but don’t know where to find them?



You are in the right place.



This guide will help you not only to find places to take an interesting photo of London, but will inspire you to explore more the city and find your own places .


In this guide, I will show you my favourite places to take a really cool photo of London.  I included all the photos to get you an idea of the composition. You will see exactly what to shoot and where.


I will guide you on your visit to London, whether it’s 3 days or just one 1 day trip. You can choose one of 3 suggested itineraries or take your own path.






The London Photo Guide includes:

– 65 addresses with an example of a photo to take

– Detailed map

– Suggested routes for a 3 day visit, broken down by day with photos of what to expect to see

– Inspiring Instagram accounts of Londoners

– Londoners favourite places to take photos




  1. Online Map with all the locations and photos. Finding a place for a photo is easy now. Just open the map from your mobile device.


  1. A signed postcard for everyone who purchases the London Photo Guide in the next 24 hours – till 29th of April 10 am GMT. Y


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Who is London Photo Guide for?


This guide is for you if…


– You live in London and want to take the next step in exploring it more

– You have been to London and already have a photo of the Parliament. Now you want to take more interesting shoots

– You coming to London for the first time and you want to have the best possible experience in a short period of time

– You’ve seen a lot of cool photos of London on Instagram and wonder where they have been taken

– You want to get inspired of what to take a photo of


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Are you ready to explore London’s best locations for amazing photos?


If you’ve seen a lot of cool and pretty photos of London on Instagram or web, but stuck with finding out where they have been taken than London Photo Guide – 65 Best Locations is exactly what you need.


Hi! I’m Katya Jackson and I’m a blogger at Ok But First Coffee, where I share photos of coffee shops and show how to take better pictures with your mobile. I moved to London few years ago and have been exploring it through photography. I love finding beautiful and interesting places to take a photo of and I’m here to show you all the locations I like. Get your camera out, let’s get it started!




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